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”So, Jason, what are you going to do with a dozen Rose Ticos from Star Wars?” Continue reading

“Sound drowning.”

As I listen to jazz music — that’s right! Jazz music. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. The Bad Plus. Jamie Cullum. The driving force behind my comfort zone. My creativity jumps off each tempo. Each staccato of notes flowing in the air like mad butterflies scared off by an inquisitive “pooch”. A “mad hatter” of melodies that only stop when the instrument says “stop.”

Yeah. That’s what I listen to. Continue reading

When you realize your a writer…

One credit.

As I sit here this early morning, I listen to clip after clip of audiobooks–all that I have placed into a ”wish list” of sorts–trying to decide what the best option is for me. Continue reading

Don’t let someone stop you from being “super.”

Mr. Justice.

I recently logged into my LinkedIn account — most of you on Facebook know this story — where this owner of this copywriting mill service was trying to hire me, and when I asked if the writers get credit, he gave me a rude response.

I was miffed, but I responded back and agreed with him that we weren’t a good ”fit,” and that he was being rude.

He didn’t stop there.

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Magiks and Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Yeah, I’m going here.

I thought this might be an interesting topic to blog about. I’ve talked about other options that are more scientific, but not really weird or occult techniques. And, I’m not going to talk about using the Ouija board, as I find it rubbish and only find it a novel looking board to use as decoration in someone’s home.

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Day 5 – Integrating the apps back to the home screen.

The more the week passed, the more certain apps were needing my attention. I had notifications from family and acquaintances on Facebook Messenger, I had numerous times that I had to access the Internet from an email, and a few other things. I decided to cut the week short by a few days, and moved apps back to the main screen under a few conditions.

Only move the apps that I have paid for, and only move the apps that I use.

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Let me tell you about content mills.

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Content mills suck.

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Starting from scratch, Day 3.

1:58 pm: My current home screen has changed a few times. I realized that because of certain functions of the Fitbit Versa, I was going to need to be able to access the applications. The Bluetooth was not working at all, and it was extremely difficult to sync the watch to the Fitbit online dashboard that I finally had to call “uncle” and move the apps back to the home screen.

This made me wonder. What ESSENTIAL apps do I need on a daily basis at the moment to manuever efficiently and effectively? I came to the conclusion that I would need:

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Starting from scratch, Day 2 (cont.)

Or, “What do I have to work with today?”

Upon waking up this morning, which is usually around 3-5:00 am, I grab my phone, turn on the flashlight on the phone, get on some comfy clothes, and make coffee.

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Starting from scratch: Day 2

If you read yesterday’s post, you would have seen that I am minimizing what I am using on my iPhone X for the next week. Link to the post is here.

Because of getting a Fitbit Versa from my wife, I looked to see if there were any minimalistic phones that were compatible with the device. It looks like I am stuck in the smartphone world until I no longer need the help to physically get better. Plus, there was an article I found somewhere on the internet that stated that Fitbit is slowly changing to utilizing smartphones in their technology and phasing out some of the older technology.

Everybody needs a buck.

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