”So, Jason, what are you going to do with a dozen Rose Ticos from Star Wars?”

First off, I see a deal when it comes around. For the price of a dozen real roses as it comes towards Valentine’s Day, I was able to instead getting something that lasted — that would only further due in popularity — and get instead something that would last and didn’t need to be watered, unless that is the sort of thing you do.

I asked my wife for this with the intention of 1) giving one to my wife, 2) giving one to my daughter, and 3) putting one aside for myself, leaving nine figures. Now, any sane man would probably try to resell those figures for a little more than the cost it took to buy it. I, my fellow Americans, am not a sane man.

My intention with the nine figures left is to repaint them. Heck, if need be, add some Sculpty to them. But, my full intention is to make something new of something hated. You see, this figure (and a few others) littered the shelves at your local stores. No one liked a Rose Tico action figure. The figure is well done; the paint and accessories are fitting and look great with the figure. But, no one wanted the figure.

As I brought up the project idea to my wife, she was skeptical. Now, having the figure in her hand, researching about the character since we haven’t seen the last movie (yeah, I know!), she is now deciding what to repaint her figure like. We all don’t want to copy what the other is doing, so we will have to really use our creativity on this project.

Do I intend to sell my creations? Hell no. I am proudly going to display the nine I have left in my own little gallery, for my friends and family to see. Why sell something no one liked to begin with? Now, if the right cost came across, and I was truly willing to part with one of them, I would have to make a decision: make another identical one and sell that, or sell the original.

That, I’m sure, is something an artist ponders when approached about their work. I already have two of nine ideas already hatched out, a possible third, leaving me with six or seven Roses left.

This should be fun.