I decided to first write this blog as a “public online journal” so that people could understand what it is like to live life with mental illness and continuous thoughts of suicide, brought on by environment and medication.

I realized it is much more than that. I realized that I needed to find myself. To figure out what matters most, so I can heal.

I quit my job and I hope to get on disability for my mental illness, because I feel I have been suffering for many years with no results in my mood or stability. In fact, it only seems to have become worse.

I’ve chosen to become a minimalist. I read a book “Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism” by Fumio Sasaki. I’ve talked on YouTube about it, and it has really opened my eyes as to how much value I put on the things in my home, and how the clutter is helping to clutter my mind. I’ve decided to start my journey into a more minimalistic lifestyle to help me to heal.

I have already had a head start to decluttering my home; my wife and I went through our clothes and removed eight to nine trash bags full of clothing. In our kitchen, we are trying to use less dishes. All in the hopes to become more “minimal.”

This site has blossomed from “online journal” to “journey into minimalism.”

And, you get to be with me on this trek. Welcome aboard.