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Starting from scratch: Day 2

If you read yesterday’s post, you would have seen that I am minimizing what I am using on my iPhone X for the next week. Link to the post is here.

Because of getting a Fitbit Versa from my wife, I looked to see if there were any minimalistic phones that were compatible with the device. It looks like I am stuck in the smartphone world until I no longer need the help to physically get better. Plus, there was an article I found somewhere on the internet that stated that Fitbit is slowly changing to utilizing smartphones in their technology and phasing out some of the older technology.

Everybody needs a buck.

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I am not a Green Lantern.

Green Lanterns have to show an enormous amount of willpower to use their power rings and fight evil.

I have a Green Lantern ring.

I have very little willpower.

I am NOT a Green Lantern.

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‚ÄčThe art of discarding an item for the sake of appearances.

Sasaki believes that if you are keeping something only for the sake of appearance, to fit in with the Jones’s, or to merely feel adequate in an inadequate world, discard it. I did this exact thing last night.

I used to own an Apple Watch, merely for the compatibility with my phone, and for the sake of appearances. Most people I knew had either an Apple Watch and an iPhone whatever, or they had an Android phone and a Garmin watch/activity tracker. I gave it to my daughter, who I feel is old enough for a watch such as that, and could probably get more use out of it.

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