So, I came up with a new plan. I’m going to only use the first screen of my phone, and if I need anything from the other apps, I would go onto my computer to use them. I am going to do this for a week to see if I can live without seeing these apps in my field of vision. Also, the apps that I moved to the other screens will have the notifications turned off so that I have no idea that they are even there. This will suck, because there are certain apps that I use on a daily basis that if I were to downgrade to a basic phone, I would lose those apps, and some of them I love to death.

Here is a screenshot of the home screen:

My home screen, complete with Ready Player One background.

As you can see here in the first photo, I have removed all apps but

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Camera
  • Phone Settings
  • a map app (I have Google Maps, merely because I deleted the Apple Maps app a long time ago. I did not like the fact that it had me going around in circles and it was very unreliable. I’m sure there are Apple addicts out there that swear to it, but I am not one of them.)
  • Phone caller with contacts built-in
  • an email app (this one happens to be Spark Mail, once again because I did not like the one that came with the phone. It still has the same functionality, but what it offers is folders, which shouldn’t be an issue in this. It is just the fact that it is an email program and nothing more.)

The file folder was merely there because I forgot to move it and the same goes for the web browser. After I am done with this post, they are being moved temporarily to one of the screens that I will show you next.

Here is what I am giving up for the week, along with what I already mentioned:

Okay. One week without any of these apps on my phone. I will only use my computer to access any of these apps with the hope that I will not have any use for these on a phone that will do far less.

Minimalism is not for everybody. A struggling author, such as myself, needs as little distraction as possible if he is to get anything done. If I continue to rule my life with these distractions, I won’t get stuff done. Yes, they have apps to help you get stuff done, but they only work if you have the willpower, which if anyone read yesterday’s post, I lack at times. This will be a huge undertaking, but I am willing to do it, and I hope some of you will cheer me on.

If you don’t get my responses back in Facebook Messenger, it’s probably because I won’t check it as often on my computer. I use my computer to write, not browse Facebook all day. Also, with the notifications turned off on all of the apps on the above screens, I’m not going to know what is going on unless you call me or text me through normal channels. For some of you that can only reach people through social media, I’m sorry. I’ll see you in a week, or you can call me and if you don’t want to use your minutes, I will call you so you aren’t spending yours.

See you all on the “flip side”!

Oh, and another thing. I will probably track this on my blog this week to show my progress, and to see if I’m going crazy or not.

Let’s hope not.