I started researching and realized that I might never be pleased. I also realized that I am cluttered as fuck. Cluttered in the head, in the soul, in my environment.

I need to do something about that.

I decided to start this year as my “minimalism” year.

It’s time I started minimizing what I have, and keep what is valuable and precious to me. Don’t worry. I’m keeping the family.

My wife and I have already had a head start. If you look at my “About” page, you’ll read that we have already started doing some decluttering around the home; first, our wardrobe, and then the kitchen. The only difference in the kitchen is that the dishes that we shouldn’t be using are still accessible to us, and probably shouldn’t so we can work our way to a cleaner and stress-free lifestyle.

Fumio Sasaki goes to extremes to cleanse himself of distractions and unnecessary things. He has very little in his life, allowing him more time to do the things he loves. He has a minimal wardrobe, almost no furniture, uses the same detergent to clean dishes, laundry, and body, but he’s happy.

Is this something I need in my life? To let go of things and limit me to only the bare minimum? Will that make my life better? I don’t know. But, as most of you readers know, I’m willing to try anything to become happier and mentally healthier. I’ve already started by revamping the site to make it very minimal. I like it. It may not be for some, but it is clutter free and focuses on the writing and nothing else.

It’s a start.