I have taken a step back, got a watch that still has some functionality, but does not bog me down with a lot of apps that I don’t use. I got the Fitbit Versa Special Edition, only because that was what was available. I did spend about $100 less than what I spent on the Apple Watch, but what I gave up for compatibility I got functionality. Of course, as with most new devices, I added some apps that I may use momentarily, and then realize I’m not using them and delete them from my watch, and there are some apps that are hardcoded into the watch that no matter what I do, I cannot get rid of them.

The reason for the Fitbit Versa is that it has good reviews, it mostly is compatible with my phone, and it will help me to lose weight. Sure, I could have downloaded 30 some apps (I’m exaggerating of course!) to help me monitor and lose the weight. What I like about the Fitbit brand and devices is that it is all about making you healthy, from following your sleep patterns, your heart rate, your exercise and tracking your steps, and how much food you are consuming, plus watching your weight, all within a single app on your phone. You can get extra apps that monitor your mood, play games, and whatnot, but aside from that, everything is on the phone and the watch in one location, and not numerous places.

Does it let me check my mail? No, but as I have said before if I need to check my mail every five minutes, I am not paying attention to the world around me and missing out on important life skills such as interacting with others or appreciating the time around me, which could be very zen-like. It does give me some limited notifications from my phone but does not let me respond. If I had an Android phone, it allows a little more functionality when it comes to notifications, but I don’t feel like I am missing out. Plus, once again, more time spent paying attention to the world around me.

The most important thing for me is the mood tracking and health tracking. Since losing my job, I have needed to exercise more, get more steps, and watch what I eat. Now that I am tracking it, I am hoping to watch myself more closely.

What has made me the happiest is that I have minimized my watch, getting one step closer to oneness with minimalism.

And, that to me, is the most important.