“Anybody ever have one of those ”Heisenberg” moments? No, not the one where makes and sells drugs, but the constant question of if today is the last?

I know, it was a depressing thought. I’m blaming it on either boredom or the lack of coffee.

Maybe both.”

“The Great Fartsupial”

Another nugget of joy:

“You know you’re a writer…

When your ”psychosis” rivals that of Edgar Allan Poe.🖋”

“The Great Fartsupial”

Then, there is this one:

“Current mood:

‘I’m going to rip heads off of dolls and shove them up their asses.’

#mentalhealththursday #whythursday #becauseican #fuckoff”

“The Great Fartsupial”

And then shortly later…

“Okay. I no longer want innocent dolls dead. Crisis averted. Move along.”

“The Great Fartsupial”

I really need to stop typing things at this point, but they let me have a computer…

“Two things. One, I’m breaking my rule about being online because I’m going through medication withdrawal. Two, I hate medication withdrawal. 🚽🤢”

“The Great Fartsupial”

And, one last one for good measure.

“So, I’m reading a book that is so wrong, that if I were to quote it on Facebook, I would not only lose followers but my family as well. This is what I can quote:

” .

There you have it. Merry Christmas, everybody!

“The Great Fartsupial”

So, there you have it. Some of my favorite “Facebook Farts” over the last month.

Someone really needs to take Facebook away from the “cuckoo’s nest.”